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Rock Solid Response: our collaboration

Rock Solid Response

Rock Solid created an Unforgettable Brand to deliver a unique unmet customer need.

Two police colleagues – new to entrepreneurship - identified a gap in the security industry they firmly believed they could fill. So they formed a partnership to address this gap. 

Participating in the UNCOVER YOUR “WHY” LAB, they worked hand-in-hand with Two Sisters. As a team, we created their brand – ROCK SOLID RESPONSE.  

Informed by research, we found success in creating their brand identity and offering to position it competitively in the marketplace. We outlined a short-term business plan that allowed them to get to market quickly, delivering on an urgent client need. We also developed a long-term business plan that expanded their offering into other industries, a gap uncovered by our research. 

"We were overwhelmed by the idea of starting a new business. Two Sisters brought us focus, organization and simplicity. And with the research that Two Sisters brought to the table, we identified multiple business opportunities aligned with our mission. We would never have achieved any of this without Two Sisters Growing Brands"

Payton Hillman

Tom Atkinson

Rock Solid Response


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