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Georgian Triangle Humane Society

A Business Strategy Leading Us to 2030

Georgian Triangle Humane Society's aspiration was to become a self-sustaining charitable organization. Therefore, we conducted global and local competitive research, industry research, and target audience research to inform a brand and business strategy that could accomplish this goal.

This research informed a brand that would allow the GTHS to excel as an organization, deliver on the entire region's extensive needs and work towards achieving its vision of a compassionate and caring community towards pets and each other.

GTHS and 2Sisters used this brand to create a product and service offering relevant to customers' current and future needs.  Collaboratively, we also created a business strategy that allowed them to live and breathe their brand throughout their entire organization.  As a result, customers would experience a consistent brand in every interaction, solidifying trust.

Georgian Triangle Humane Society's Unforgettable Brand and Business Strategy powered by Two Sisters Growing Brands

What They Have To Say About Two Sisters

Two Sisters surpassed my expectations. Melanie and Melissa inspired us. Educated us. And gave us confidence in achieving our goals. At the same time, developing an impactful brand and business strategy that realized our Board’s expectations and set us up for long-term success in this challenging market. I can’t wait to work with Two Sisters again. 

Former Executive Director

Sonya Reichel

Learning about building your brand from Two Sisters was both inspiring and enlightening. Their BrandBuilder MasterClass was well-organized and easy to follow. I took pages of notes away for my organization and look forward to working with them in the future! 

Former Executive Director

Sonya Reichel

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