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Discover what sets us apart from the rest as an agency dedicated to solving the unique challenges faced by local businesses in our region. With years of experience in brand development, business strategy, implementation, and content creation, we have immersed ourselves in the community, listening closely to understand their specific needs. We discovered a gap in the market, with no other agency equipped to address these challenges head-on. That's why we took the initiative and established our agency, committed to providing tailored solutions to overcome regional obstacles. We're not just a service provider; we're your partner, standing by your side to conquer challenges and achieve progress together. Find out how we can make a difference for you, unlike any other agency in the region.  Read on to find out more.

Two Sisters Growing Brands, Melissa and Melanie Auchincloss


Research is the foundation to what Two Sisters offers.


Two Sisters uses an unforgettable brand to inform every aspect of a business – 360 degrees.

360° BRAND

Two Sisters tailors its approach to your specific business needs.



WE ARE . . .

Two Sisters Values: We are supportive


We are your biggest cheerleaders and will be by your side no matter what you need.

Two Sisters Values: We are believers.


We believe in solving the impossible until it's possible.

Two Sisters Values: we are kind and it's one of our greatest strengths.


We believe kindness is a strength.


Collaboration & Creativity
Lifelong Learning
Animal Welfare

Melanie Auchincloss

Melanie's education is in behaviour and social interactions. She uses her education to complement her 20+ years of experience in organizational development, marketing and communications strategy and implementation for global and national brands like Hewlett-Packard, General Motors and Rogers Communications to local brands like Camp Oochigeas, Georgian Triangle Humane Society and, Mortgage Architects.

Melanie's solid background fosters thought leadership and collaboration with organizations and businesses, helping them succeed in this ever-changing and increasingly competitive market.

Melanie Auchincloss
Two Sisters collaborative process gets to the most creative result.


When we work side by side with our Clients, it is a creative and inspiring process.

Two Sisters collaborative approach is the most efficient in the industry.


We work collaboratively side by side so that decisions are made in one room.  No back and forth.

Two Sisters collaborative approach drives the most powerful brands and business strategies.


The power of two or more minds creates strong, resilient solutions.

Melissa Auchincloss


As the creative partner at Two Sisters Growing Brands, Melissa's journey has always been defined by a passion for lifelong learning and helping others communicate vision. She holds degrees in science and education, but her true calling emerged through the lens of a camera.


Melissa began photographing at 17 and has since captured everything from fashion to wildlife to abstract art. Her award-winning images have been featured nationally for their ability to convey ideas in a single visual space. But for Melissa, capturing beauty is only part of the story. She is continually studying topics like web design, user experience, and business management to better understand how to forge meaningful connections with any audience.


This devotion to mastering both visual artistry and strategic communication is what Melissa brings to developing your brand. With an eye for design and an instinct for emotion, she will craft a creative plan to help your vision come to life, speak to your customers, and make a lasting impression.


Melissa's journey proves that inspiration is everywhere for those curious enough to find it. As creative partner, she relies on constant exploration to generate new perspectives and bring brands into uncharted territory. Her passion is using design to spark understanding between companies and customers. And her purpose is turning your vision into an experience that moves people.


Melissa brings creativity, strategy, and a lifelong quest for learning to build brands that captivate audiences. With her, image is only the beginning. Vision is what she helps bring to light.

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