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Over Here: our collaboration

Over Here Community Arts Adventure

Founders Jennifer and Melissa, two long-time residents of Hillsburgh, were passionate about the natural surroundings of the area and the creativity it inspired among its residents. They believed that their town could leverage this to become more. More for residents, tourists and businesses.

Wanting to celebrate Hillburgh’s surrounding nature, the community and its creativity, Jennifer and Melissa created a nonprofit organization that attracted businesses, residents and tourists with like-minded goals.

These two ambitious ladies sought out Two Sisters Growing Brands to collaboratively develop a Brand and Business Strategy to support their goals.

In our collaboration, OverHere was born with a mission to elevate the health and well-being of Hillsburgh through temporary and permanent events.

These events sought to unite the community and its people with inspired experiences championing the arts within their rural and natural environment.

Using OverHere’s brand identity and relevant research, together we developed a business strategy that accomplished the founder’s goals and ensured the brand was present in every decision made and every tactic implemented. Doing this, we created a strong unforgettable brand that their residents, businesses and tourists believed in.

At first, I wondered if the BrandBuilder Seminar would be worth my time and effort. The only time I wasted, was in wondering. 

I was immediately proven wrong. This seminar really made me think of my brand and how it could help me better serve my customers and my staff. 

It helped me realize where I was going wrong and that with some guidelines, guidance and effort, the changes to my brand could really move my business to a more profitable and well-known entity.

Over Here: our collaborations

Looking back, I couldn't have done what I'm doing now without Two Sisters Growing Brands. We collaboratively and creatively created the OverHere brand, positioning, and offerings.  

We used the brand to develop the business and digital strategy methodically. The brand opened up strategies, experiences and tactics I would never have imagined.

The level of detail in the business strategy was terrific. It was clear, straightforward, thoughtful and organized. It spelled out everything that had to be done to achieve our goals. 

Over Here: our collaboration


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