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Create a brand identity with Two Sisters Growing Brands
Create a brand identity that will lead to business success

We are living in a world where trust has diminished. Trust in our government. Media. Business. And sometimes with each other. Now more than ever, it's important that businesses create brands that customers can trust. Brands that are rooted in strong beliefs and values that direct them toward their vision. Brands that make decisions based on their beliefs and values. Because "more than 70% of customers only purchase from businesses they trust".  



Beliefs steer your brand identity

Guiding principles that help you steer your brand, strategy and organization.


Your mission steers you on the road ahead

What your brand offers its customers.


Your vision is how you will affect people's lives and the world around them

What your brand intends to accomplish for the world.


Values are rooted in your beliefs and steers every business decision

Causes that you believe in, advocate for and support in decisions you make through your organization.


Characteristics make up your brand personality

Traits that describe your brand.


Colours bring your brand personality to life

A creative expression of your brand that is internal and external customer-facing. A tagline is a concise description of what your company offers that appears with your logo.


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