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We create Unforgettable Brands to power strong business strategies and their implementation.



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Over Here

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Rock Solid

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White Fox Vacations

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Research, not opinion, directs the development of an unforgettable brand and business strategy.


Research is integral to making informed decisions to drive your business’s success. Find out more about the research we use to create relevant brands and impactful business strategies.

Creating a brand identity is essential to create a successful business.

Brand Identity

A brand creates trust with your customers. More than 70% of customers only purchase from businesses they trust. Our brands are created by research done specifically for your business. Find out more.

A succesful business strategy and its tactics should be driven by your brand.

Business Strategy

We use your brand to develop a business strategy. When your brand steers your entire business, and every decision you make, 81% of consumers are likelier to buy from you. Explore our services now.

We make your brand come to life in all of your communications, from traditional media and collateral to websites and social media.

Creative & Design

We use your brand and business strategy to fuel how your brand comes to life in your communications, design, copy and tone and manner.

81% of customers purchase from a brand with a consistent customer experience. We create that and pivot off of a strong digital strategy to do so.

Customer Experience

Your business has many touchpoints with your customer. All touchpoints should be consistent with your brand. Review our services that ensure this consistency between your business and your customer.

We create and execute change management in your organization to successful implement your new brand and business strategy.

Change Management

Change is sometimes hard for all of us. We help navigate and manage change so that you can successfully implement your business strategy in your workplace. Discover how we do this.

Two Sisters Growing Brand Melissa and Melanie Auchincloss

Research is at the core of everything we do.


By deeply exploring your industry, competition, and understanding your audience, we create a brand that appeals and resonates with your target market.


This research-driven approach goes beyond surface-level; it informs every aspect of your business strategy. Integrating your brand into your business model builds trust with customers, fostering loyalty and driving repeat business.


We're not just about strategy and design – we're here to guide and support you as you implement your brand throughout your operations for consistent and impactful results.

What Clients Have To Say About Us

GTHS Brand and Business Strategy powered by Two Sisters Growing Brands

Sonya Reichel

Executive Director, Georgian Triangle Humane Society

Our journey with Two Sisters has been nothing short of transformational. The remarkable duo, Melanie and Melissa, crafted our brand identity with expertise and insight, weaving our vision and values into a compelling narrative that resonates with our audience. More than creating a unique brand, they designed a comprehensive business strategy that will drive our growth and success till 2030.

Their knowledge and experience are unparalleled, but it's their unwavering dedication and work ethic that truly set them apart. They consistently exceeded our expectations and left no stone unturned in ensuring our brand stood firm amidst a challenging market scenario.

The Two Sisters experience was an educational journey that filled us with confidence and inspiration. Their strategic prowess and in-depth understanding of branding enabled us to realize the ambitious expectations of our Board.

The invaluable contribution of Two Sisters has positioned us for long-term success and instilled in us the confidence that we will achieve our goals. This has been an extraordinary collaboration, and we eagerly look forward to working with Two Sisters again. Their contribution is not just about creating a brand; it's about shaping a future

Georgian Triangle Humane Society
Over Here Community Arts Adventure

Jennifer McKinnon

Co-Founder, OverHere

Engaging Two Sisters Growing Brands proved to be a wise choice. Together, we crafted the branding and positioning of Over Here, tapping into our collaborative and creative prowess. Our systematic approach to business and digital strategy leveraged the power of the brand. It introduced me to innovative tactics and experiences I wouldn't have discovered on my own. Notably, the meticulous attention to detail provided clear guidance to achieve our goals.

Over Here Community Arts Adventure
MullenandMullen Communications by Two Sisters Growing Brands

Donna Mullen

Owner, MullenandMullen

We are successful. But our market is changing; we are experiencing unsurpassed growth and change inour area. We sought to develop a brand that united the owner’s vision of the company, position the brand consistently across internal and external customers and gain efficiencies by creating and executing a solid digital strategy. Two Sisters surpassed all of our goals. As a result, we are raving clients who recommend this company to every business owner we meet.

Donna and Jordon Mullen from MullenandMullen
Testimonial for Two Sisters Growing Brands

Charles (Chuck) Glassier

Marketing Manager,

Hewlett-Packard Retired

I managed the agency of record relationship for all marketing services for 20 years at Hewlett-Packard. While there, I worked with leading multinational creative, production, media, and PR agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, BBDO and Hill & Knowlton. I worked with Melanie as our account lead for approximately ten years when she worked for Publicis and BBDO on the Hewlett-Packard Account. From the start of our work relationship, Melanie demonstrated she could understand complex brand, product, and client challenges, build successful communication plans, manage complex production requirements, recruit, supervise top agency talent, and move quickly between high-level strategy and detailed cross-agency execution without missing a beat. Melanie’s exceptional performance in Canada came to the attention of BBDO Global management, and she was recruited to work on HP’s global brand, which she did with much success.

As you might expect, I have worked with many agency professionals across the globe; I can say without hesitation that Melanie was one of the best I have ever worked with during my forty-year career in marketing.

Hewlett Packard
Rock Solid Response

Tommy Atkinson

Partner, Rock Solid Response

We were overwhelmed by the idea of starting a new business. The Two Sisters’ approach to creating a business strategy brought us focus, organization and simplicity. And through the research that 2Sisters did, we identified multiple business opportunities aligned with our mission. We would never have achieved any of this without 2Sisters.

Rock Solid Response
Two Sisters Growing Brands always gives more than is expected.

Always Give More Than Is Expected

A strong brand is the most powerful tool to achieve your business goals.