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At the heart of every self-made CEO is the unquenchable belief that they know their business best and can do everything they need to make it grow. We love this passion, and the audacity of hope it inspires. But here’s the thing…. most businesses don’t fail from too much hope, they fail from too little focus. Building a singular, unforgettable brand with a clear roadmap of strategy and tactics is the best way to grow every business. Even yours. Here’s a few common questions we’ve heard…

You’ve got Questions…

Two Sisters Growing Brands Collaboration = creativity

Can’t I do this myself? On Youtube? By reading a book?

Yes! We love YouTube, TEDTalks, Gary Vaynerchuk, Eric Reis’ Lean Startup book, Good to Great and the 25,722,853 other amazing small business resources out there. However, we have also found that nothing beats the power of collaboration, the efficiency of a focused curriculum, and the joy of social networking. 

Two Sisters Growing Brands A brand - more than a logo

Isn’t branding just about having a cool logo?

Having a cool looking logo can sure help your marketing and packaging be more memorable, but it’s only worth 7.3% of your brand. Frankly, everything you do, from signs to uniforms to ads to emails to your delivery box creates a brand opinion in your customer’s mind. Because everything matters, you have to consider everything.

Two Sisters Growing Brands A better way

How much is this going to cost?

That’s an important question, and we answer it                   In addition to the cost, you should also calculate the much greater cost of the trial-error cycle many entrepreneurs struggle through, attempting to attract sales with a less rigorous brand strategy. 

Two Sisters Growing Brands Free Seminar

How long is this going to take? Depending on how effective your current brand strategy already is, you may only need to take a few BrandBuilder Labs. Step one - attend our                  and we can map it out together. 

Two Sisters Growing Brands

How can I figure this out, but run my business at the same time?

You can’t put your business on hold, but you can make some short-term space for massive longer-term gains. We schedule our BrandBuilder Labs into flexible half and ¾ day sessions, so you can still take care of today’s business while building for the future. 

Two Sisters Growing Brands Awesome te

Why are the labs run by 2 people. Why are you both named Mel?

You’ve heard of left brain / right brain? Creativity + Strategy? We combine the best of both worlds to bring 2 different perspectives on growing your businesses. Melanie + Melissa… two sisters, one awesome team.

Two Sisters Growing Brands Collaboration

I’m great at [insert your own business superpower here], but don’t know much about branding. Am I going to feel awkward?

110% no! We have intentionally designed the BrandBuilder Lab experience to be comfortable, collaborative, creative and judgement-free. It’s a safe space, with great snacks. 

Two Sisters Growing Brands Continued support

Will you leave me high and dry after the lab?

No! We’ve all experienced inspiring learning sessions only to return to the reality of our business and wonder “What happens now?” With 2Sisters, we don’t just build brands, we grow businesses and our BrandBuilder labs are just the beginning. Click here to learn more about our full collection of follow-up support and community. 

Two Sisters Growing Brands Research is essential

I’m just starting out, or way too busy to do… a competitive review. Can you help?

Of course! Knowing who you are up against, and how they are differentiating themselves to your future customers is a critical first step. We’re happy to help out.   

Two Sisters Growing Brands Research is essential

I’m just starting out, or way too busy to do… my homework. Can you help? 

Hey, we were last minute, Sunday-night homework people too! But the ‘homework’ we assign here is fundamentally important. We absolutely don’t expect perfection – but it is best if you do the thinking and come prepared, so you can fully make the most of your Lab experience. 

Two Sisters Growing Brands Industry experience

Do you have specific brand experience in my industry? 

We’re not going to claim expertise where we don’t have experience. But we’ve built enough brands across widely different industries to know that the fundamentals don’t change much. We will however guarantee you that we will do our research (see ‘homework’ FAQ above!) and tailor your Lab to your business category.

Two Sisters Growing Brands Lab schedule

Can I reschedule sessions? 

Absolutely, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. However, our experience has shown that clients who commit to an uninterrupted run of Labs within a 2-week block are more focussed, effective and build the momentum they need to really grow their brand.

Two Sisters Growing Brands Grow at your pace

I don’t want to grow too fast. Is that wrong? 

No. How much and how fast you scale your business is a complex decision requiring honest evaluation, good questions and careful listening. One of the benefits of building a strong brand across all aspects of your business is that decision-making actually becomes easier. Knowing your brand means you will know what feels right for your business immediately. Having a growth strategy with clear next-step plans will also simplify, streamline and focus your energies. 

Two Sisters Growing Who do I hire

Can’t I just hire an ad agency, or my second cousin’s nephew who does web stuff? 

Yes, you can. Ad agencies and freelance marketing experts are great at executing tactical marketing plans…but they will rarely focus on the holistic objective of growing your business. They’ll build you a website, design a logo, or book a billboard, but will typically look to you for overall strategy, media direction and brand messaging. Before thinking about these tactics in isolation, start by collaborating on your overall brand plan. Growth needs strategy before tactics. Bonus tip: when negotiating with agencies or freelancers, pay by the project — not by the hour, or by number of revisions. This will help protect you from overpaying for scope creep.

Got more questions?

Go ahead, try to stump us! 

How does an authentic brand help me reach more customers?

Find out what difference our BrandBuilder Labs can make to your growth. Join us for our 1-hour FREE seminar.

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Two Sisters Growing Brands BrandBuilder Seminar
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