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Lab Four: 
Build Your 

Brand Visual  Identity

Asset 10.png

Based on your marketing plan, this lab will define your brand visual identity. You’ll learn about logo development, fonts, colors, taglines, icons, your brand vocabulary, and everything you need to build a cohesive, credible and consistent brand identity. It will include:

Two Sisters Growing Brands BrandBuilder Lab Four.png

Logo use - black, white, colour

Font selection

Brand colour palette

How to use your logo and font

Photography, iconography, textures

Style Guide development

Who is this for?

This lab is ideal for entrepreneurs or current business owners who have already defined their brand, marketing plan and social media strategy, but who need to create their brand identity assets.

Lab Agenda:

Two Sisters Growing Brands BrandBuilder Lab Four Agenda

DAY 1: Logo / Tagline / Font

DAY 3: Photography / Iconography

DAY 2: Colours / Visual elements

Company Goals 


Two Sisters Growing Brands BrandBuilder Lab Four Details

Length:    16.5 hours over 3 days

Location: 2Sisters Office

Location provided at time of booking

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