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Two Sisters Professional Services
Two Sisters Growing Brands Crooked Tree Fine Foods Case Study

Crooked Tree Fine Foods

Crooked Tree Fine Foods reignited their brand by tapping into a plethora of consumer research to reach the body, mind and heart of their audience.

"I have a super busy life. Two teenage boys. My own business. And I also help my husband with his business. I needed help. Getting help from 2Sisters was an investment that certainly paid off. It refreshed my enthusiasm and commitment to my brand. It gave me new ideas for products, packaging and distribution. But most of all, they organized everything into one place so that it was easy and quick for me to use."

An experienced small business entrepreneur, and super busy mom, recognized that she needed help elevating her brand, Crooked Tree, and ensuring that it seeped into every aspect of her company. 

She worked with Two Sisters to reignite her brand, provide short and long-term direction prioritizing key items, and turn something that was overwhelming back to something fun and simple.  


Using a plethora of psychographic research and customer feedback; paired with competitive and market research, we tapped into a human desire to develop a brand that would win the heart’s and mind’s of her audience. We gave life to her food wellness brand by igniting people’s senses and taking care of their body, mind, and heart.  We also gave this owner a peace of mind that she desperately needed.

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