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Two Sisters Growing Brands BrandBuilder Seminar

BrandBuilder Seminar 2:
Building Customer Trust

We are only starting to understand how the last two years have affected our behaviour.

On March 29th from 10 a.m. to noon at the Collingwood Foundry, we’ll explore:

  • what research has uncovered

  • its effect on businesses  

  • its impact on marketing & communications.

It is brought to you by Two Sisters Growing Brands in partnership with Community Futures South Georgian Bay and the Collingwood Foundry.

BrandBuilder Seminar 1
Creating an Unforgettable Brand 

Two Sisters Growing Brands.jpg

Building a new brand while juggling your actual business can feel overwhelming. What comes first? What’s most important? Our 2-hour BrandBuilder Seminar will help unearth where you need to focus the most. 

This small group seminar, hosted at the 2Sisters Office, will introduce you to our BrandBuilder process, and demonstrate how it can be applied to your specific business. You’ll learn more about the 2Sisters team, and our collaborative approach, and network with like-minded local entrepreneurs.

Team Meeting
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