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Create an Unforgettable brand

Two Sisters Growing Brands

Book your BrandBuilder Lab Series and get everything your business needs to build a brand and grow.

The BrandBuilder Lab Series. Everything you need for your business growth.

The BrandBuilder Lab Series

Whether you are just launching your new business, or want to boost stagnating sales, our BrandBuilder Labs Series will give you everything you need to scale as large as you want, on your terms and timetable. These low-jargon, high-value collaborative sessions are designed to show you step-by-step how to build and integrate a meaningful brand across every part of your business. Many expensive marketing agencies try to wield complex and proprietary processes, filled with mystifying buzzwords and complex strategies. We don’t.

Every Lab includes:

A clear tactical next steps plan

Proven strategies that deliver real world results

Collaborative hands on training

Checklists, templates, worksheets and tools

Full support, during and after the labs, to grow your business

Two Sisters Growing Brands Lab One.png

Lab One: 
Uncover your ‘Brand's Truth’

Start with the fundamentals. Differentiate your business with competitive research, customer mapping, clear positioning, measurable goals and a 360 degree BrandBuilder plan to achieve those goals.

Two Sisters Growing Brands Lab Two.png

Lab Two: 
Build your Marketing Plan

Find your most potent marketing message and discover the strategies and affordable tactics to market your brand. 

Two Sisters Growing Brands Lab Three.png

Map out a clear path to publish your content on all major social platforms, with a social media plan, calendar and website structure.

Lab Three: 
Create your Social Media Plan

Two Sisters Growing Brands Lab Four.png

Lab Four: 
Build your Brand Visual Identity

Based on your marketing plan, this lab will define the brand visual identity. You’ll learn about logo development, fonts, colours, taglines, icons, your brand vocabulary, and everything you need to build a cohesive, credible and consistent brand visual identity. 

Two Sisters Growing Brands Lab Five

Lab Five: 
Plan your Visual Media Library

Based on your marketing plan, this 6-day lab will define the visual media you need to build an image, video and marketing asset library. You’ll learn how to create your own marketing materials, or learn how to effectively hire other creative teams.

Two Sisters Lab 6

Lab Six:
Imagery and Video Workshop

Expanding your expertise from Lab Four & Five, you’ll learn the secrets of affordably creating compelling custom video and product photography content to communicate your brand across all your marketing materials. 

Every Lab includes: 

Book your BrandBuilder Lab with Two Sisters Growing Brands

During the Lab

The 2Sisters BrandBuilder Labs Series will give you everything you need to grow your business.  Sign upour Brand Builder Labs and we will help you build a consistent, credible and authentic message that every part of your business projects. Each of our labs is private, customized and focussed on your business.

Two Sisters Growing Brands Flexible scheduling
Two Sisters Growing Brands Convenient local access
Two Sisters Growing Brands Collaboration.png
Two Sisters Growing Brands Proven Strategies
Two Sisters Growing Brands Practical tools
Two Sisters Growing Brands A clean plan

Flexible scheduling: we book a training calendar to suit you, so you can run your business while learning to grow your business.

Convenient local access: you get FREE access to The Collingwood Foundry co-working hub facilities during the lab.

Collaboration: you’re not on your own. In every BrandBuilder Lab we’ll work together to problem solve and plan

Proven strategies: not just theory, you will learn and create strategies that deliver real world results for your business. 

Practical tools: every lab comes with a suite of checklists, templates, worksheets and tools to put your strategies into action.

A clear plan: you’ll know what’s next, with a tactical next-steps plan that clearly maps out all your growth activities.

Receive ongoing support when you book a Lab with Two Sisters Growing Brands

Ongoing support & community

​We don’t just build brands, we grow businesses. Our BrandBuilder Labs are a collaborative and customizable experience tuned to your unique business needs. You also become a member of the 2Sisters community with a growing suite of benefits:

Two Sisters Growing Brands Collaboration.png
Two Sisters The Growing Brands Fireside Huddle
Two Sisters Growing Brands Private Facebook group
Two Sisters Growing Brands Professional Services Network
Two Sisters Growing Brands Content Library
Two Sisters Growing BrandBuilder Review

FREE Follow-up Coaching: a series of four 1-hour coaching sessions to help you put your lab learning into practice.  

The Fireside Huddle: frequent 2-hour networking catchups at The Foundry to share best practices, news, case studies and more.

Private Facebook Group: access to our online community for problem-solving and sharing news, advice and content ideas. 

Professional Services Network: intros to trusted professionals for strategy, design, photography, video, writing, social media or print expertise.

Content library: full access to our library of royalty-free visual assets to use in your marketing materials.

Brand Review: An annual or semi-annual review of key metrics to refresh goals and refine your plan for growth.*

Two Sisters Growing Brands Marketing Services
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Need strategy, design, video, writing, social media, photography or printing expertise? We can help. 

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