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Two Sisters Growing Brands Coastal Life Homes Case Study

Coastal Life Homes plus
Pines Eco + Refillery

In the spirit of like-minded businesses helping other businesses, Coastal Life Homes partnered with Pine Eco + Refillery to expand their audience reach. 

Coastal Life’s mission is to educate their audience on wellness design principles in hopes that people will consider their mental, physical and emotional health as they design their homes. 


As a new company, they are still actively growing their follower base, so their first hurdle was to expand their reach into the marketplace. 


To reach their first goal: Coastal Life sought to partner with like-minded businesses who also strive to support people’s well-being. Their first partner was Pine Boutique, a Refillery who sells all-natural green products. This was a great match. Not only did Pine’s offering align with two design for wellness principles – Green Design and Designing for Function; but their spirit of helping others, specifically businesses helping other businesses, did as well. 


The idea: Coastal Life used Pine’s products to create ‘me’ and ‘we’ spaces in kitchens, baths, and laundry rooms designed by Coastal Life Homes. The visual media captured, was used in Social Media posts, Blogs and Newsletters with the intent to cross-pollinate followers, thereby, increasing each-others follower base. 


To get it done right: Coastal Life Homes participated in 2Sisters BrandBuilder Lab 4: Planning your Visual Media Library. In it, we clearly defined their visual media needs and planned images and video, including shots, story boards, setting, props, lighting, shot angle, and inspiration. 


Coastal Life Homes then hired 2Sisters to capture the Visual Media. 2sisters planned, staged and executed editorial and product images and video, with keen attention to ensure that all content supported both company’s brands.

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